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With our online branch, you can read about available account options and use our online banking to check your balance and pay bills.



Recent updates to Online Banking require all customers with online banking access to update their login information on or after August 22, 2016. Please refer to the Online Banking Update Instructions to ensure your access to Online Banking is uninterrupted.


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Welcome to our website and online banking system.  We continually strive to offer competitive products with superior customer service.

With our online branch, you can research new account options, view your current accounts, transfer between account and pay bills online.

About Us

The DuQuoin State Bank was chartered and opened for business on April 7, 1915.  The main banking office is located in the middle of downtown Du Quoin, Illinois.  The bank also operates two conveniently located branches.  The Southtowne Facility, located on Highway 51 South in Du Quoin, and the Tamaroa Facility, located on Highway 51 North in Tamaroa.

Du Quoin State Bank provides consumer, commercial and governmental banking services to Southern Illinois.  The bank’s primary goal is superior customer service at competitive prices.

Notice of Changes in Temporary FDIC Insurance Coverage for Transaction Accounts

By Federal law, as of 1-1-2013, funds in a noninterest-bearing transaction account(including an IOLTA/IOLA) will no longer receive unlimited deposit insurance coverage, but will be FDIC-insured the legal maximum of $250,000 for each ownership category.

The term "noninterest-bearing transaction account" includes a traditional checking account or demand deposit account on which the insured depository institution pays no interest.  It also includes Interest on Lawyers Trust Accounts (IOLTA's).  It does not include other accounts, such as traditional checking or demand deposit accounts that may earn interest, NOW accounts, and money-market deposit accounts.

For more information about temporary FDIC insurance coverage of transaction accounts, visit